Naked Mind & Laundry


Early Saturday morning. A cup of hot Chai tea. Cool summer wind. Grey sky. Softly swaying wildflowers. And a lonely bird. I soak in everything. A holistic engagement with life. No need for logic. No interrogation. No arrogance. Only humility. Yielding. Innocence. It is all about thereness and suchness. About connectedness and interrelationship. About the One True Source that unfolds every moment. That is beyond doubt. About having a naked mind. About having a full heart. About depth. And a deep surrender of the heart to the mystery of the moment. And then … doing the laundry in the evening.

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There is No Ending


They wait in silence
and at the mercy of the wind.
The story is there.
And their disappearance, sooner or later,
will be an interesting part of the story.
There is no ending.

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Drifting Thoughts

Outside it is luminous…and humid…I see a solitary bird, gliding…the street is almost deserted…the summer wind plays…the leaves and the grass and the flowers play along…three people congregate under the shade of an old maple tree…and there is peace…this I desire…and deep understanding…the coffee shop is half-full…my cup is empty of green tea…and my thoughts drift…somewhere…further within…it is an inner silence…an inner journey…to an inner part of the universe…


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A Question Within a Question

A Question Within a Question

I was deeply moved to silence by
these last two lines from Mary Oliver’s poem, The Summer Day:

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?”

I put down the book, opened my heart to the moment and looked faraway.
And then,

I walked away.

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A Way of Knowing

A Way of Knowing

It is a way.
It is settling.
A reality.

It is there when I walk and sense in silence,
an enclosing ordaining quietness that reaches out
to every fiber of another silence and reveals a deeper knowing truth in all things.

It transfigures.

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Those Enhanced Moments

Those Enhanced Moments

There are times when I walk there is no path
and the walk creates the path.
There are times there are paths when I walk
and I just deeply surrender.
Moments of creation, acts of surrendering, choices of the heart,
the path, the walk, my heart, my soul,
my being present, in just being there at those enriched moments,
they all collaborate, conspire, in holy alliance,
as the tree and the sun and the rain,
and the oxygen and the carbon dioxide,
to receive, to heal, to grow, to transform, to authenticate,
and to get lost in the wonder of it all.

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A Place of Deep Values

A Place of Deep Values

How do you know
that the heart sizzles and the soul shimmers?
I am aware of the curve of the road
And the shape of the trees as I walk and
that my walk creates a path
that leads to the very heart of what matters most.
It is only through deepest invitation
to take the journey further and further
to a place of deep values
where hundreds of birds fly in silence.

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