A Revelation


Morning breaks

I turned inward and

looked to the east.

It is all about coming back to where it all begins.

It is all about what is true.

It is all about deeply remembering.

It is all about longing and belonging.

A revelation seen more than two thousand years ago.

It is all about waiting.

It is all about returning.

It is all about a grand reunion.

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There Is A Room


There is a room

with the door slightly opened.

Inside is a deep secret, a deep truth.

But no one is yet allowed to get inside

but you can come in if you want;

however, the consequences of doing so

cannot yet be ascertained.

There is an itch to get inside. There is no question that the itch is what causes the tension, a serious conversation with your ego, a clash within yourself. It is about either abiding to the very strong lure of the ego to get inside that room or about harnessing your ego until such time that it disappears while your heart, your mind and your soul sink deeper and deeper into submission into a sovereign reality, losing yourself in the process, and thus preventing you from getting inside that room. It is about not yet eating the apple being offered to you. It is about just waiting it out. This is the deepest you can bow down and forget about everything.

This is how you deal with the tension. Just get lost. And you will have freedom, peace and healing.

Revelation waits for an appointed time and you will be allowed to get in. It is a promise sealed with blood thousands of years ago, so as the sun consistently goes up and down and the moon is always up there and not here.


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Part of a Great Dance


The air of being alone

can only be described

in a few lines of words,

spaced out, creating solitary gaps

in between lines. They know they exist.

They are quiet and patient.

They live by that existential emptiness

yet are not empty. A mysterious paradox.

They know they are small parts

of a grand emptiness that is also quiet and patient.

They respect and understand the passage of time,

as they are aware that it has its role

to play in this universal theatre.

Because they also have their own roles

and participate in this great silent dance.

Everyone is. And being alone is

part of the dance.

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He Knows, He Understands, He Remembers


He lives his life

the way it used to be and a little bit more.

There are times when he is so quiet

and he knows why, and he understands

and then…he remembers the deep resonance

and distant echoes of the past.

This is what makes him so quiet.

He looks in the mirror and sees a sad face.

He looks at his children and grandchildren

and he sees in them the smile, the pain, the silent struggle

of those long years, of trying to make sense of what is no longer seen.

The clothes in the blue laundry bag of the past seven years

still remain untouched. Was this deliberately intentioned,

so that what is no longer seen can at least be touched

and lovingly caressed?

But he knows and understands.

Because there is comfort, because he already made peace

with that quiet that brought the pain in the first place

because he knows and understands that that quiet is

actually the peace that binds him with the pain and

that makes him remember tenderly. And it is beautiful.

That complexity. That pain. That deeper truth.

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Forever In The Light


The sun is up, scattering pale light,

and I sense a stirring in my inner being,

a joyful presence of renewal, working,

progressing, promising, unrelenting.

And it validates an ancient promise written in blood.

It is an expression of love that makes you die

and lets you live again in full glory. How can you not

succumbed to the beauty of this reality

and fall in love so hard and so deep that

it takes you to a place of forever?

I know it in the spirit of my mind

and in the secret of my heart that there is

such a thing as forever in the light.

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Love, No Matter What


True love goes deep into the

silently flowing river of our being.

That is how we are supposed to love,

when we go deep, when the river goes up

and shows up as tears, tears of inexpressible joy,

tears of vulnerability, tears of truth, tears of freedom,

because we are free to love, no matter what.

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There Is No Need To Question


Cold early Sunday morning.

Eating breakfast alone while I think.

The pale early morning light calms

while the cold breeze makes its presence known

through the dancing branches of trees.

Solitude is quiet. The dogs are still asleep.

There is healing and gentle disposition of the heart.

My mind is swept by the serene character of this existence.

There is no need to ask questions.

This is not about philosophy.

This is about the constant renewing of what is

inside me that cannot be seen which most of the time

I am not aware of. It only manifests when I look

at things differently than before.

And I just happen to know.

That unseen leads the way to a path

that is so narrow and I just humbly submit.

It is the only right thing to do,

the only right path to follow.

And it lightens and softens my heavy load

every step of the way.

Though I must admit it is never easy.

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