Honouring The Moment


Early morning sun, the salty smell of a calm sea, glistening sand,                                             the nostalgic squawking of seagulls, a lonely walk, a thoughtful moment,                                 a recollected heart, and the silence that floats in-between thoughts.                                           And I simply surrender.                                               

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The Hidden Sweetness


 The sun, the soft wind of summer, the fragrance of flowers,                                                      they all connive to bring me back forty years ago                                                                          to where my heart forever belongs.                                                                                            Scraps of images flash on the hazy mental screen,                                                        unearthing deeply embedded ever burning longing.                                                                How mysterious the enabling of desires, of hoping,                                                                    of remembering, of imagining the past as it continually teases the present.                      How mysterious it is for the heart so full of longing to tingle,                                                    to break into tiny pieces and bleed.                                                                                              And yet we love it when it comes up,                                                                                              we love it for what it is, we love it even if it breeds sadness                                              because somehow it establishes our connection,                                                                because it redeems our absence,                                                                                            because it brings us closer to the very heart of who we are.                                                    But there is no denying that it aches.                                                                                      Therein lies its beauty, the hidden sweetness in what is aching.

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An Early Evening Light


The gentle reality of an early evening light.                                                                                         Naked awareness. A Reverent silence.                                                                                               The birds are quiet. And I am sitting still.

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Just Being There


Just Being There

There is a strange sense of beauty and solemnity and communion in the gathering of silent thoughts. After awhile, they dissipate, convening into a hollow hall of silence. I fall into an unconditional acceptance of what is, a deep surrender to its mystery. I sit and wait and sense everything the way it is in that precise moment, and then…a peaceful knowing descends.

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Inhabiting Each Moment

It is cold and dark. By the window, my mind floats with the lightness of silence. I live inside each moment. It is liberating with many possibilities.

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If We Just Look Long Enough

In its quiet elegance,
it reveals heaven, humans and the earth.
I look deeply long enough that seems like eternity
and then I see what the ancient sages and poets and monks saw,
and I just know…the soul stirs because it recognizes beauty and deeper truth,
and I just bow my head.

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An Empty Cup and Mercy

My cup is empty of herbal tea
and a deep longing caresses my heart
on this cold winter night.
It is quiet and there exist a somewhat subtle inner beauty,
delicately reminding me of the fullness of time
and the richness and wholeness of existence.
It articulates what mercy is all about.

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