Ancient Longing


There is a stillness
that runs deep
that strokes the soul
and a luminous silence
that unlocks an ancient longing
that I still do not understand.
I just walk, wondering, as I come
to terms with the deeper truth of life.
And part of that deeper truth is
not understanding that ancient longing.

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Poets Urgently Needed


These are uncertain times and

the more urgent our need for poets who can see

the different shades of gray

in a pale early morning winter sky,

who can hear birdsongs even in the absence

of birds, who can wipe away tears even from far away.

The poet can redefine doom and make it

sweet but a moment of abandon surfaces

when a poet becomes silent and doom

releases its own vile definition.

The message is clear: that poets must be

kept alive for their relevance and for their

ability to rebuke, cajole, lament, praise, 

provoke, dream wildly, see deeper truths through metaphors,

symbolisms, rummage through the complexities of

metaphysical thoughts, and courageously touch the beyond.

And I am comforted just by the thought that

they exist in the fullness of life’s reality.

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Seeking Truth


Pause, listen long and deep enough

and discern, and be the truth that

you have been seeking all along.

This is how the wise heart operates.

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More Than Enough


Alone in this cold Grey November morning.

In this moment, I deeply surrender

to the pale sunlight, the silent leaves,

the wet grass that is still green.

There are no birds, no songs,

only the fluency of silence,

the knowing without words, the necessity of truth

and the feeling of bare, uncomplicated existence.

And this is more than enough to heal.

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Stills the Heart


The snow silently came down last night.

There is a certain kind of reverence to it.

And then those warm tears just came out.

Just like that. So beautiful yet so strange.

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How We Fall In Love


Beauty speaks

through the crunching sound

of dried leaves.

Alone and lonely on a long walk,

it makes so much sense.

I think this is how we fall in love.

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Soft Curve of Truth


Knowing who we are

brings us to that soft curve of truth

that leads us to the very purpose

why we are here on earth.

This is more a heart issue.

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