The Wonder of Existence

September 29, 2012 154

…there is a contemplative approach to life in the ordinary schema of things like the way I prepare and eat my breakfast of golden oats and flakes, wild berries, banana, flax seeds and wheat germ submerged in 2% milk with honey. Eating it makes my taste buds dance with delight…by the way, it rained yesterday but not hard, which I find pleasant…while waiting for the bus home, I was enthralled seeing the golden reflections of streets lights on the wet road, catapulting my imagination to wonderful photographic images that makes one think and imagine…then the cool December wind accompanied me on my walk, stepping on wet leaves that almost covered the entire stretch of the street, reminding me about the profundity of big universal truths  such as impermanence, surrender, letting go and sacrifice…so much truths littered that street…when I reached the house, I felt the graciousness of turning the key to the door  and I felt a sense of sweet vulnerability when the soft energy of the house greeted me with warmth and gentle overtures…then after a healthy dinner of beans, a piece of honey oat bread and green tea, I settled comfortably on the couch, opened the radio to classical music station and flipped open a book of poetry by ancient Japanese poets, the likes of Izumi Shikibu, The Monk Noin, Lady Ukon, Ono No Komachi, among many others.  I Closed the book after a few minutes of reading, ruminating and pondering on those flowing words and wisdom until…until I drifted to sleep of no dreams and floated on an infinite expanse of pure nothingness…in all of these things, I realized that the meaning of life can also be discerned and contemplated in those passing moments of fleetingness even after they merge and vanish in the great expanse…I guess this is part of the wonder of existence…

Note: i photographed this image at the Edwards Gardens, Toronto, Ontario


About Virgilio Gavia

Interests: poetry, photography, writing (prose and poetry), walking/hiking, reading (non-fiction and books of poetry) drinking coffee and herbal teas, camping, fishing, contemplating, solitude, silence, traveling, faded jeans, meaningful conversation, wabi-sabi, haiku, tanka, Jazz, Classical, oldies, all the books of Thomas Merton, Joseph Campbell, Thomas Moore, John O'Donohue, Mary Oliver, David Whyte, Mark Strand, ancient Chinese and Japanese poets, The Bible, spirituality, philosophy, psychology, sociology, history, humanities and the arts.
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12 Responses to The Wonder of Existence

  1. arlene1027 says:

    Nice post Ver…did you notice the new look of WordPress?

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. The composition of your photograph is lovely. Striking tones, too. Really beautiful.

  3. You seem to do a very good job of mindfulness. Beautiful image and beautiful words. So soothing. So delightful.

  4. TERRI says:

    Pare, you and my husband would really click. parehong pareho kayo,mahilig sa books, nagsusulat din at gumagawa ng poems, ikaw photography siya naman have so much in common. Regards and enjoy your apos.

    • salamat ng marami, Mare. pareho palang maganda ang taste ninyo ni Mareng Aida mo 🙂 magkaibigan nga kayo …it’s nice to know na gifted din pala si Pare. you know what, malaking tulong ang poetry at photography sa akin lalo na nuong may sakit pa si mare mo. ito ang mga naging therapy ko. at buti nalang may mga apo akong nagbibigay sa akin ng saya. again, thank you sa nice comments. regards to all.

  5. bdh63 says:

    Lovely images and lovely choices to live a beautiful life. Magical in our crazy world.

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