It is in the Rain and that Faint Light

It is in the Rain and that Faint Light

It is about to rain as I write this.
The sky is grey and there is that faint light.
There is that ambivalence and
and also the equivalence.
I wait for the sweet smell of grass after the rain
and the dispersed glow of the afternoon light.
This is how I see life,
a life lived under the rain
and embraced by the faint light.
We engage them in different strokes,
in different levels, in different motions, in different moments.
And we never get out of them really if you come to think about it.
And no matter how we weave and bob, crawl on all fours
or just keeping still, there is still that rain and that faint light.
They simply don’t go away.
We are all in search of the meaning of life.
Philosophers, poets, sages, and even our neighbor, who walks
his Shih Tzu in the morning, have been pondering about it.
But one thing I learned early on is this:
That the meaning of life can be found
In the rain
and in that faint light
in every passing moment
as I walk away.


About Virgilio Gavia

Interests: poetry, photography, writing (prose and poetry), walking/hiking, reading (non-fiction and books of poetry) drinking coffee and herbal teas, camping, fishing, contemplating, solitude, silence, traveling, faded jeans, meaningful conversation, wabi-sabi, haiku, tanka, Jazz, Classical, oldies, all the books of Thomas Merton, Joseph Campbell, Thomas Moore, John O'Donohue, Mary Oliver, David Whyte, Mark Strand, ancient Chinese and Japanese poets, The Bible, spirituality, philosophy, psychology, sociology, history, humanities and the arts.
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15 Responses to It is in the Rain and that Faint Light

  1. Geo Sans says:

    putting on rubber boots
    larger puddles
    grand jumps
    bigger splashes

  2. maskednative says:

    Your words, Rain and That Faint Light, really lovely, and they are searching you out Virgilio, you are the rain and that faint light, in that moment.

    • thanks for the insightful words, Teri…there is always the wisdom of the mirror…and the reflection…and yet, they are fleeting…just passing by, like everyone else…

  3. j.h. white says:

    Water has always been for me, the great mediator., the great teacher. Whether the simple rain in all it’s manifestations, the ocean in all its complexity, or spring runoff and it’s pursuit of seeking its own level. Water is intrepid and ever changing perpetually becoming… just itself

    • that’s the beauty and wisdom of the metaphor…the metaphor in-between the creator and the creation…and the underlying mystery that goes with it…thanks, J, for providing the inner nature of water…

  4. Lovely. What do you think of “and bathed in (the) faint light”?

    and embraced by the faint light

  5. Love your words….simply beautiful!

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