A Deep Sense of Place

A Deep Sense of Place

Cool morning, gentle sun,
a trail, a walk, leaves on the ground.
I am slowly arresting the sweet presence of autumn
in an inspired and respectful moment of observation.
Lots of symbolism and metaphors,
of sentimentalism and melancholy.
It is just impeccably poetic.
I am soaking in the moment, absorbing the absolutes,
sensing the dignity and beauty in what is before me.

Time is slithering quietly.

There is an absolute presence that humbles and purifies me
as I become aware of remembrance and passages,
of the panorama that vibrantly presents itself,
of acknowledging the presence of a force that is larger than me.

Yes, the walk, the otherness, the simplicity of the moment,
a gratitude and appreciation and the constant nibbling
of longing and belonging, a blessing.

I feel a deep sense of place,
a Haiku in between spaces of written words,
a deepening with no words
an existence that cannot be seen.

And even though I do not see birds,
I just happen to know…

About Virgilio Gavia

Interests: poetry, photography, writing (prose and poetry), walking/hiking, reading (non-fiction and books of poetry) drinking coffee and herbal teas, camping, fishing, contemplating, solitude, silence, traveling, faded jeans, meaningful conversation, wabi-sabi, haiku, tanka, Jazz, Classical, oldies, all the books of Thomas Merton, Joseph Campbell, Thomas Moore, John O'Donohue, Mary Oliver, David Whyte, Mark Strand, ancient Chinese and Japanese poets, The Bible, spirituality, philosophy, psychology, sociology, history, humanities and the arts.
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16 Responses to A Deep Sense of Place

  1. arlenearlene says:

    Lovely as always 🙂

  2. j.h. white says:

    I love the contrasting textures Virgilio, the grounding of the wandering “self” being home in the animate light. Thank you for this….

  3. Yes, between the spaces one can sense, and find, everything.

  4. maskednative says:

    Thank you for sharing this Virgilio, your walks are a meditation of ‘Absolute Presence’. I love the last two lines, a perfect ending to this poem.

  5. maskednative says:

    and in the knowing, we see.

  6. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    what a wonderful walk to take with me tonight..
    Beautiful images you created for the mind to linger on..
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your walk
    Take Care…

  7. This is so beauful. I know this feeling myself- the in-between.
    A wonderful post!

  8. “I feel a deep sense of place,
    a Haiku in between spaces of written words,”

    I really like that!

    What do you think of “time slithers quietly”?

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