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One Day, I Can Only Hope

It is just a wish, a description, an ideal, but still with no face. But I know there is not just one. But where and when and how? Questions that are not easy to answer. Questions that are beyond me … Continue reading

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A Place of Deep Values

How do you know that the heart sizzles and the soul shimmers? I am aware of the curve of the road And the shape of the trees as I walk and that my walk creates a path that leads to … Continue reading

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The Way of Deliverance

I carve a path. And I deeply remember the innocent passing white clouds, the broken thorny twigs and scattered stones on the ground, the quiet flowers that witness along the way and the birds that sing as well as cry. … Continue reading

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That Lingering Sound…

I am moving within and without in a calligraphy of moments. And I know I am not alone. I softly lean to silence and anchor myself in stillness as I listen to Arvo Part’s De Profundis. The early morning is … Continue reading

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And I Just Go On

…the moment…present…I cannot see far and wide…nor can I fall back…this is what it is…this is where I am…enclosing yet expansive…there are no borders…but I feel confinement…the journey then is how I make the most of where I am right … Continue reading

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9:02 PM, Friday The coffee shop is unusually half-full but I sense an intense unseen presence of an infinite space so expansive that is beyond words… and then I look beyond the confines of this coffee shop and my mind, … Continue reading

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In the Middle of the Night

all of a sudden, a dream… i woke up wondering. half- dazed, i walked out of the house, wandered, deeply engaged…

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And then, I Remember…

There I stood in silence, in a place of melancholy. No thoughts, empty mind Just deeply felt. And I looked far and faraway Where there is no horizon. There were nameless birds And humming wind, the flowers still inviting, and … Continue reading

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And Nothing Else Matters

…blurry…subdued…a grainy manifestation…like half-awake, half asleep…gently vanishing through the light…until the light absorbs everything…and there is expansiveness…as all will be light…just light…pure and striking…radiant…all meanings dissolve and succumb to something higher…into another dimension…and then there is tranquility…no more rationalizing…there is … Continue reading

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Chasing the Wild Heart

In the beginning, there is nothingness then lines start to surface then form and substance And they figure in a dance, possessed. A path is created and everything unfolds, everything escapes, wild, elusive, tamed… They slither and flow, sink-in and … Continue reading

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