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A Soft Brush of Tenderness

It is in faint whispering that we hear and feel the soft brush of tenderness that is revealed in emptiness and loneliness through the poetry of the heart. It is a gift.

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Deep in the Core of My Being as I Reflect

In the silence of the moment, on this day, I just believe.

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And Then There is Beauty

every step of the walk, every silence, every solitude, and in each moment, a meaning. an engagement with life at the heart of being, about what matters. the complexity and profundity of what is simple, of what is of the … Continue reading

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A Moment

…a moment of time…those two leaves…frozen water…breaks down the wall that inhibits the escape of perception…the image presents itself and I just happen to be there to see it…a visual experience that says it all…

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The Ability to Let Go

Silence…in stillness…in movements…in thoughts…and I just pay attention and yield…

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I Just Know

It is not easy to forget…it is deeply embedded in a place where the heart rules…it is a mystery, this human heart… and in the deep hour of longing…in the empty space of solitude…in the fullness of melancholy…and in the … Continue reading

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Visual Poetry # 36 (An Intimate Communion)

(I photographed this image at Charles Sauriol Conservation Area, Toronto, Ontario)

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