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And That Chrysanthemum

Dried chrysanthemum resting on an old Tatami mat. He cried… and silently walked away.

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A Silent Story

It is that shaft of sunlight that tells the whole story, hoping yet fleeting.

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Deep Love

I wake up to the call of the silence of spring and yet I can still feel the coldness of winter. This I call deep love. It lingers.

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Deep in the Core of My Being as I Reflect

In the silence of the moment, on this day, I just believe.

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A Hidden Silence that is Beyond Meaning

And I stand alone in a farrago of thoughts, thinking long and hard as I am cantilevered in a place of empty; and the birds, as if they are silently commiserating and consoling, as if they feel the sting of … Continue reading

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One Quiet Afternoon

It’s all about the sunlight after weeks of grey sky and snowy white landscape…a joy to behold as it spills over and contaminates an empty wine bottle sitting on the narrow ledge of my basement’s window…it unravels sweet thoughts casually … Continue reading

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I Just Know

It is not easy to forget…it is deeply embedded in a place where the heart rules…it is a mystery, this human heart… and in the deep hour of longing…in the empty space of solitude…in the fullness of melancholy…and in the … Continue reading

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As Autumn Leaves Congregate

Autumn leaves congregate until, until the are no more movements. And the landscape is quiet. It is a sacramental moment.

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A Deep Sense of Place

Cool morning, gentle sun, a trail, a walk, leaves on the ground. I am slowly arresting the sweet presence of autumn in an inspired and respectful moment of observation. Lots of symbolism and metaphors, of sentimentalism and melancholy. It is … Continue reading

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As I Wonder…

Alone in this cold and gray September morning. And in this moment I deeply surrender to the pale sunlight, the rustling leaves and the blowing wind, the wet grass that is still green and those quiet flowers. But there are … Continue reading

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