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A Way of Knowing

It is a way. It is settling. A reality. It is there when I walk and sense in silence, an enclosing ordaining quietness that reaches out to every fiber of another silence and reveals a deeper knowing truth in all … Continue reading

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Those Enhanced Moments

There are times when I walk there is no path and the walk creates the path. There are times there are paths when I walk and I just deeply surrender. Moments of creation, acts of surrendering, choices of the heart, … Continue reading

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A Mysterious Logic

As I walk and photograph, and as I write, I sink into silence, so deep that it touches another silence.

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Shifting from One World to Another World

Silence slowly accumulates in the center and spills over into meanings and manifestations. I quietly drink my cup of green tea, thinking. My mind meandering. There is this solace of gathering existence. It is already 7:30 in the evening but … Continue reading

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It is in the Heart

Things grow in me as they unfold when I walk. It is some kind of a deep process, as walking is a process of seeing and seeing is discerning and discerning is knowing with deep understanding. And as I go … Continue reading

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My Walk Knows

A bitter cold night…a long stretch of lonely road…no stars above, no squirrels, no raccoons, no humans…I walk quietly in the company of a sub-zero wind, first with bare mind, then with an economy of thoughts…I am intimate with the … Continue reading

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The Trail

As I walked the trail, I also noticed that I have created my own trail for as I walked onward, I also walked inward. This process cannot just be accessed by understanding. It is only through vulnerability, humility and reverence.

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Surrendering to the Waiting

There is beauty in the quiet moment of an early morning…and in the silence of my trailing thoughts, I simply wait for a birdsong that will define the harmony of living authentically no matter what the accompaniment life will orchestrate…there … Continue reading

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Every Step is an Intimate Conversation with Life

…there is so much to understand…so much to assimilate…and I try to imagine and rehearse every mindful step I have to take…every breath I have to release and take in…it is a lonely walk…be it in the woods or on … Continue reading

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A Walk Within a Walk

…and I move along…my heart willingly leads the way…and I become aware of the reality all around…and I notice a lot of things…it is as if I am seeing these things for the first time…and with clarity…without judgment…beyond words, concepts, … Continue reading

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