Stills the Heart


The snow silently came down last night.

There is a certain kind of reverence to it.

And then those warm tears just came out.

Just like that. So beautiful yet so strange.

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How We Fall In Love


Beauty speaks

through the crunching sound

of dried leaves.

Alone and lonely on a long walk,

it makes so much sense.

I think this is how we fall in love.

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Soft Curve of Truth


Knowing who we are

brings us to that soft curve of truth

that leads us to the very purpose

why we are here on earth.

This is more a heart issue.

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What Truly Matters In Life


Raining, cold, and dark.

Autumn leaves. Silence.

They all are not lies.

They just made me realize

what truly matters in life.

And it goes deep.

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The Mystery of Being Alive


The way I understand

the mystery of being alive

is the way I understand

how the ancient cold autumn wind


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A Meditation on Time


time travels
life a floating leaf.

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Reduced to Tears


The nerve of silence quivers in the intense longing of the heart
and everything is reduced to an expression of tears.
And I rediscover compassion, intimacy, and serenity.
It is, after all, a contemplative expedition in the depths of my humanity.

How could I not be moved to tears?

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