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Hidden Teachers

A dried leaf still clinging. The heart breaks open. Deeply aware. There is silence, embracing everything. Hidden teachers appear from nowhere as I listen to silence. Subtle teachings. A squirrel stares at me. Time stops.

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A Haiku On The Ground

 I was looking for Basho’s book of haiku,                                                                 … Continue reading

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Seeing Anew And Deeply

See the shimmering and falling leaves of autumn. See anew and deeply. And as the leaves depart, you will see a trace of flights of freedom and acts of obedience, of total surrender and ways of compassion, of ancient prophets and … Continue reading

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There is No Ending

They wait in silence and at the mercy of the wind. The story is there. And their disappearance, sooner or later, will be an interesting part of the story. There is no ending.

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Inner Knowing #2 (A Certain Truth)

…half buried on a snow covered ground…a solitary leaf…there is a certain truth to this…there is a quality of inner serenity that gives rise to a mesmerizing poetic landscape…so simple yet so profound…a pure beauty that reveals the primal innocence … Continue reading

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Visual Poetry #26 (For One Suspended Moment of Peace)

…dark grey December sky…it was one pleasant photo shoot I did last Saturday afternoon at Charles Sauriol Conservation area though it was so cold…those tiny flowers above caught my attention…I went nearer, aimed my camera and clicked away…I love close-up … Continue reading

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