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A Question Within a Question

I was deeply moved to silence by these last two lines from Mary Oliver’s poem, The Summer Day: “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” I put down the book, opened … Continue reading

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A Way of Knowing

It is a way. It is settling. A reality. It is there when I walk and sense in silence, an enclosing ordaining quietness that reaches out to every fiber of another silence and reveals a deeper knowing truth in all … Continue reading

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Those Enhanced Moments

There are times when I walk there is no path and the walk creates the path. There are times there are paths when I walk and I just deeply surrender. Moments of creation, acts of surrendering, choices of the heart, … Continue reading

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A Place of Deep Values

How do you know that the heart sizzles and the soul shimmers? I am aware of the curve of the road And the shape of the trees as I walk and that my walk creates a path that leads to … Continue reading

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A Mysterious Logic

As I walk and photograph, and as I write, I sink into silence, so deep that it touches another silence.

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Deep Love

I wake up to the call of the silence of spring and yet I can still feel the coldness of winter. This I call deep love. It lingers.

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Deep in the Core of My Being as I Reflect

In the silence of the moment, on this day, I just believe.

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A Hidden Silence that is Beyond Meaning

And I stand alone in a farrago of thoughts, thinking long and hard as I am cantilevered in a place of empty; and the birds, as if they are silently commiserating and consoling, as if they feel the sting of … Continue reading

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The Way of Deliverance

I carve a path. And I deeply remember the innocent passing white clouds, the broken thorny twigs and scattered stones on the ground, the quiet flowers that witness along the way and the birds that sing as well as cry. … Continue reading

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Shifting from One World to Another World

Silence slowly accumulates in the center and spills over into meanings and manifestations. I quietly drink my cup of green tea, thinking. My mind meandering. There is this solace of gathering existence. It is already 7:30 in the evening but … Continue reading

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