A Walk Within a Walk

A Walk Within a Walk

…and I move along…my heart willingly leads the way…and I become aware of the reality all around…and I notice a lot of things…it is as if I am seeing these things for the first time…and with clarity…without judgment…beyond words, concepts, illusions…and even dreams and tomorrows are set aside…I just need moments, no more, no less…there is liberation, simplicity, kindness, softness and sweet yielding…I do not need an explanation…I just rely on the articulation of the logic of the heart to carry me through, realizing that my walk is a walk within a walk…

About Virgilio Gavia

Interests: poetry, photography, writing (prose and poetry), walking/hiking, reading (non-fiction and books of poetry) drinking coffee and herbal teas, camping, fishing, contemplating, solitude, silence, traveling, faded jeans, meaningful conversation, wabi-sabi, haiku, tanka, Jazz, Classical, oldies, all the books of Thomas Merton, Joseph Campbell, Thomas Moore, John O'Donohue, Mary Oliver, David Whyte, Mark Strand, ancient Chinese and Japanese poets, The Bible, spirituality, philosophy, psychology, sociology, history, humanities and the arts.
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10 Responses to A Walk Within a Walk

  1. maskednative says:

    This is wonderful Virgilio. I am aware of the sound of silence that comes with deep snow, when all peripheral noise is shut out, and only the one true thing to hear. I like that you felt liberation, and also kindness, wonderful post.

  2. maskednative says:

    No only the one true thing to hear, but to feel through your whole seeing body.

  3. j.h. white says:

    Some of my most memorable walks in nature have been walking through the quiet of snow. This is another beautiful post….

  4. arlene says:

    Inspiring post as always!

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